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5 me: Argentina

5 minute explorer (5 me) is your speed read to discover Argentina through a quick summary of places to visit, inspiring pictures and insight into the food.

Why in a sentence?

Outstanding natural wonders, delicious steaks with awesome wines and vibrant cities.

Places to visit

Buenos Aires: Neoclassical and modern architecture, vibrant atmosphere and gastronomy heaven

5 Min Explorer BA Argentina

(Source: Flickr by celta4)

Iguazu Falls: The world’s largest waterfalls surrounded by lush subtropical jungle.

5 Min Explorer IGFalls Argentina

Salta: A beautiful colonial city surrounded by magnificent mountains

5 Min Explorer Salta Argentina

(Source: Flickr by kvn.jns)

Patagonia: Stunning mountainous region, frozen landscape and adventure hub 

5 Min Explorer Patagonia Argentina
(Source: Flickr by longhorndave)

Mendoza: Lively, scenic Andes and wine capital.

5 Min Explorer Mendoza Argentina

(Source: Flickr by Humberto Terenziani)

Foods to enjoy

Grilled (parrilla) and barbecued (asado) are traditionally the words associated with Argentine food. However Argentine food has much more to offer, from its rich Italian heritage to modern influences of China, Middle East, Japan and Peru.

Grilled meat, pizza and pasta are the backbone cuisines in any household or restaurant. Despite being a meat junkie nation; tartas, (quiche like), provoleta (melted cheese), empanadas (pasties) and humitas (fresh corn and cheese mix) are vegetarian highlights.

Minutas (snacks) are in abundance across Argentina, with choripan (sausage in a soft roll) milanesa (breaded escalope), empanadas, tamales (meat version of hunitas) and lomitos (steak sandwich) eaten between main meals.

During festive times the most popular dish is the locro (a stew made with corn, meats, chorizos, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes).

Not mentioning the wine would be a sin, as Argentine wine is excellent and inexpensive.

Buenos Aires Argentina